Reseller Hosting Question



Can somebody please explain to me how Reseller hosting works?

I'm not looking to run a reseller site, instead I just want to keep all my sites under "one roof" with one monthly hosting fee instead of 2. I have 1 site up and running and want to add another with a different domain name.

Well, this is interesting.

If I asked abut posting pictures of naked women, there would be a fast response telling me that it is against KH's TOS. If I asked about posting links to illegal material, I'd get a response telling me it was against KH's TOS.

I don't have either on my current site. One is about gardening, the other is about cooking. The third that I want to host under the same hosting package only with a different domain name is about pet care, animal abuse, pet rescue, ect.

So, is this a case of buy first ask questions later? Does my subject matter offend, or against KH's TOS? Do I need to wave money around to get somebody to answer me as clearly there has been KH's staff here. Or am I just a possible new customer that came to you because of a high recommendation that will be allowed to slip through the cracks leaving me to go back to the person that told me how wonderful you people were that she's out of her mind?

I'm not trying to cause a rukus, I just find it really strange how quick answers come about possible threars to Terms of Service, but harmless questions seem to go by the wayside. Odd.....

This was simply overlooked by myself as I watch all Sales posts on the forum on the weekend. My bad. :( For your needs you could use our shared hosting as we allow multiple domains but as you add more you may want to upgrade to a Reseller plan to have no restrictions on the number of domains you host with us. I hope this helps. Again, sorry for the hiccup.

No problem...

I need more info on how resellers work. I won't be sharing or selling the space as I want to all to myself, but I don't know anything about it.

Is it hard to set up and maintain? I need more details before I purchase.

With shared hosting you have cPanel as the control panel where you will have 1 account and will be able to create x number of domains. Web Micro you get 5 domains and Web Macro you get 10 domains. Comparing shared hosting to Reseller hosting basically you can have unlimited accounts(cPanel) and domains. You get WHM as the control panel which creates cPanel accounts which would have seperate logins, etc. You said you want one login so shared may be the best choice until you reach 10 domains. I hope this makes sense. Both are simple to use one just gives you more freedom with the number of domains you can host.

Thank you

I'm not worried about having a shared login. What I'm after is space where I can breathe and grow. I also need a host that has knowledge on some of the things I'd like to add to my sites in the future. I don't need to ask those questions as they have already been asked and answered in other posts. You guys can handle it, so worries.

Thanks for the help. I'll be purchasing soon.