Reseller hosting move

Have all the reseller accounts been moved to the new data center? When I ping my site it still says it is in Dallas.

Yep, it's all in Atlanta now. IP geolocation services are notoriously inaccurate, but we also haven't updated the IP location information yet either. It's definitely in the new facility now and the IP tunnel is deactivated so all traffic is going directly to/from Atlanta.
What? Everything is in Atlanta already? Sheesh... Did you have GOD move it all?

All services previously in Baltimore have been relocated to Atlanta, and Cloud from TX (Reseller/Shared included) is complete. We're deploying new dedicated servers in Atlanta and actively migrating them from Dallas, and OpenVZ (standard managed VPS) migrations are underway from Dallas to Atlanta, somewhere around 20% complete.

We're not done quite yet, but we're getting there.