Reseller considering VPS - need some lessons learned and advice


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Greeting KH community.

I operate a web design/development business and use reseller accounts to provide the web hosting for many of my clients as most of them don't want anything to do with it and prefer I give them turnkey websites.

My reseller accounts have been ok, but same old story as far as fluctuations in reliability and performance. As my number of domains hosted and traffic on them continues to increase, need to step up the level of service and performance for my clients and am thinking of moving from shared reseller hosting to a VPS.

My concern is that i have leaned enough of the basics to offer services using tools such as WHM, my owned copy of WHMCS and what is provided via Cpanel. Other than managing the hosting packages themselves and the particulars of the web applications i install/development - i don't have to mess with the server. Does that change dramatically if i go to VPS? Will i need to upgrade the mysql, cpanel, etc on my VPS on my own regularly? is there allot of new administrative time I will have to spend vs. what i am having to do at the present with my shared reseller hosting?

Hopefully the question make sense and I am hoping that someone who has taken a similar path can offer some real world advice and experience. Thanks for any insight and assistance.