Reseller bankruptcy left its customers suddenly offline – is all customers data lost for good?


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We had an account hosted by a Reseller Account from KnownHost (the reseller uses a PRIVATESYSTEM.NET server).

It happened the reseller left all it's customers offline on September 24th, as DNS last AA date was Sep 21st, 2015.

This reseller has stopped responding ALL CUSTOMERS since that. We have only received an e-mail where they say they will close their company and recommending we should migrate our domains. However, it seems no client has access to its account. Therefore, we have lost access to all our site contents and databases.

The reseller was responsible for data backup. We had used their backup support already. We have no “personal” backup, though — we are desperate, of course.

Is there a way we could get KnownHost to help us recovering our previously hosted data? We can do whatever it takes.

It truly depends on under what circumstances the account was left with us. At KnownHost since we are simply the provider we don't acquire any rights to the contents on our clients services.

If it was a system that has just lapsed for non payment we might be able to reach out to the account owner to see what could be done about bringing the system online for a bit , but if the account was directly requested to be cancelled then we won't be able to do much as in that scenario we have been directly told the client no longer wishes to do business with us and we would be stepping outside of our bounds by bringing it back online.

If you would PM me any information about the server you may have so we can try to identify and reach out to the account owner so perhaps all could come to an agreeable solution.
@Frederico, it seems very odd that your host wouldn't at least attempt to sell his company. Preexisting hosting accounts are worth some money and I'd be happy to take on the accounts he's abandoning, same as most other hosts would. Your provider needs to either hand over passwords to allow all his clients access to their sites/databases/email, or give root access to another provider so they can take on the responsibility for him. It's very easy for your host to do that and I can't imagine any reason (other than nonpayment) why they would withhold such critical information.