Repartitioning second drive


I have an SSD dedicated with a second 1TB drive. The second drive I use for backup storage (before it goes to S3) and for dev sites as to not fill the smaller SSD.

I originally made a 48GB partition for backups and the rest of the 1TB is mounted as /home2. 48GB for backups is no longer enough and /home2 is only 8% used.

Is it possible to repartition the second drive without taking the server down? I've seen some tutorials on it but would rather get confirmation that it will work in the cpanel environment.

I know you have to unmount the drives....which would require unmounting /'s cpanel going to react to that?


Now that I think about it, I don't think there is anything stopping me from just creating a dir in home2, call it backup and point cpanel to it, no? Though not sure how my OCD would like that.. lol.

Any guidance would be appreciated.