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I just recently purchased a shared hosting package, but I only registered it for a month to see if it was worth the money, and I am more than pleased already with the support. Is there a way I can renew in the middle of billing cycle, or do I have to wait? Any help would be appreciated.
Hello Abstr and welcome to Knownhost :)

Shoot an email to billing[at] and I am sure they will fix you right up!
Dan is correct. I had concerns about going on vacation and missing a billing cycle but Jennifer said you can pay in advance if required.
Yeah, with Paypal, I believe you have to pay the invoice manually. If you pay by credit card, it auto-renews.

You are more then welcome to pay your renewal before the due date or mid cycle. Here is a link to our payment policy for reference:

In a nut shell, if you have a credit card on you will be auto charged each month. If you are paying via paypal we will send you your invoice and you will need to manually pay. We can send you your invoice at anytime if you would like to pay early.

Hope this helps