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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by marcacer, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. marcacer

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    VIP Resellers (20+ Server) comment:

    I have an invoice with 2 separate servers. If I would like to make a payment for 1 server, It's not possible with the new billing system. (?)

    So when this invoice is due, you suspend BOTH Servers, even when I made a manual payment through PayPal a week ago for 1 of the servers. You cannot say I NEED to Renew both Services.

    As a customer, (VIP Reseller in this case) it's not professional.

    1) Have the option to make separate invoices for servers
    2) Have the option to renew a specific server in your invoice when you put them all in 1 invoice, without going to the whole cancellation procedure.
  2. Denial

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    please... split the invoices!!! it´s a nightmare :(
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  3. marcacer

    marcacer New Member

    Yes, If we have separate services, we need separate invoices.

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