Renaming my domain on the same server


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I attempted to rename my domain on the same host and ran into several issues I'm hoping you can help with.

Here were the instructions from knownhost, all were performed:
Step 0) Make a Full cPanel Backup of account "accountname" before making any changes, in case anything needs to be reverted.
Step 1) Use WHM "Modify An Account" to change the Primary Domain of account "accountname" from "" to "".
Step 2) Make any sitecode/database changes needed to account for the domain change.
Step 3) Create "" as an Addon Domain, with a redirect pointed to "".

Then in xenforo I went to Admin > Setup > Options > Basic Options and changed everything to

The main problem is that it got stuck in a redirect loop, also the caching seemed to cause issues as well. In the end I had to scrap the entire thing and restore from backup. knownhost is a great host but they won't support this. I also removed the .htaccess just to be safe but it had no redirect code in it anyway.

I welcome any feedback as to the proper procedure. Redirecting from the old domain to the new is key and TBH I'm not exactly clear on what the best approach for this is, the redirect domain seems like it would work but I'm guessing I need to add some rewrite rules for one to ones.
Are you saying that itself not working or redirect from is not working and going in loop?
Hi there TheGrove!

Why not just create a new account for Once you do that just restore your data from to it. Once you've done that delete the account for and do the addon thing with the redirect on the new account.

I don't see why that wouldn't work :)

Good luck!