Remote DB access hostname vs. IP


Hi everyone, I have a simple question for you. I use SQLyog for all of my remote database work. I love it. I notice that when I connect to my databases hosted on my VPS, I have to use the IP to connect. On my older shared hosting account I could use my domain to connect instead. As in

I'm sure this can be achieved with my VPS, but I'm not sure how. Any ideas?

In what way does it fail?

Error 2005,
Unknown MySQL server host - (11004)

Hmm ok. It doesn't like the http:// - even though I swear I used that on my win2k box :p
so just using the domain works - etc. as well as the IP
Unless you managed to get mysql bound to port 80 it's unlikely that it ever worked over HTTP. Addresses and URLs are two very different things.
That's possible but I was never using tunneling. I posted there and this is the reply Peter gave me:

Peter Laursen of Webyog said:
It depends on the systems on the remote host and network! It is *theretically wrong* to specify a http://-protocol for direct connection to MySQL. But some some systems are "smart enough" to ignore that. They will use the MySQL connection methods when connection to MySQL anyway.

I would not be surprised if also other protocols (like ftp://) works as well! I think the routing systems on those hosts simply ignore the protocol specification in this context!

Makes sense to me. I guess the other host is stripping the prefix.
The client would be the one responsible for ignoring the URL scheme. Peter Laursen should brush up on both his English and TCP/IP.