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  1. Sherrie

    Sherrie Member


    I have had my site hosted here for a number of years but I just noticed that if you type my ip for my domain into the browser it doesn't redirect to my domain name. Instead I am redirected to here /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    I have tried all sorts of rewrite rules in my .htaccess with no success. How do I fix this?

    Thanks :)
  2. KH-DanielP

    KH-DanielP KH-COO Staff Member


    If you have your website setup on a shared IP within your system this is the expected result. Since cPanel know's the IP is/can be shared between multiple sites, visiting the IP won't take you directly to any website.

    The only way to have an IP go straight to the site is to assign a dedicated IP to that site within WHM.

    Let us know if you have any more questions.

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  3. Sherrie

    Sherrie Member

    I have a VPS with you guys so I have 2 dedicated IPs but am only using one.
  4. owine

    owine New Member

    Change your feature list in Packages -> Feature Manager and make sure that the feature list the account hosting your site uses is setup for a dedicated IP.
  5. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    If you go under "Change a Site's IP Address" in WHM and change it over the free one it will resolve this and your site will be accessible via direct IP. Do not that this will cause some downtime due to DNS propagation of the new zone file with the new IP.
  6. Sherrie

    Sherrie Member

    Sorry I didn't realise I had more replies. This has been setup for a few years now, I have never changed my ip or played around with the settings? My server seems to be down atm so I will check when its back up.
  7. Sherrie

    Sherrie Member

    Hello Owine, this is what the feature list shows:

    Edit cPAddons Site Software Feature list

    Ability to Change MX
    Addon Domain Manager
    Advanced DNS Zone Editor - unchecked
    Advanced Guestbook - unchecked
    Agora Shopping Cart - unchecked
    Analog Stats
    Apache Handlers Manager
    Autoresponder Manager
    Awstats Stats
    Backup Manager
    Backup Wizard - unchecked
    Bandwidth Stats
    BoxTrapper Spam Trap
    CGI Center
    CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage
    CSV Import (Email & Forwarders)
    Change Language
    Change Style
    Chat Rooms — Legacy feature for cPanel x and x2 themes - unchecked
    Choose Log Programs
    Custom Error Pages
    Default Address Manager
    Directory Selection Popup
    Disk Usage Viewer
    Email Account Manager
    Email Archiving
    Email Authentication
    Email Delivery Route (deprecated)
    Email Domain Forwarding
    Email Filtering Manager
    Email Scripts (cgiemail,formmail)
    Email Trace
    Entropy Banner
    Entropy Search
    Error Log
    File Manager
    Forwarder Manager
    Ftp Account Manager
    Ftp Settings
    Getting Started Wizard
    Hotlink Protection
    IP Deny Manager
    Image Manager
    Index Manager
    Install PHP Pear Modules
    Install Perl Modules
    Install Ruby Modules
    Java Clock
    Java Countdown
    Latest Visitors
    Leech Protect (requires Webprotect)
    Logaholic Web Analytics
    Mailman List Manager
    Mime Types Manager
    Network Tools
    PHPBB2 — Legacy feature for cPanel x and x2 themes - unchecked
    Parked Domain Manager
    Password Change
    Random Html Generator
    Raw Access Logs
    Redirect Manager
    Ruby on Rails
    SSH Connection Window
    SSL Host Installer
    SSL Manager
    Search Engine Submit Tool — Legacy feature for cPanel x and x2 themes
    See PHP Configuration
    Server Status Viewer
    Simple Cgi Wrapper
    Simple DNS Zone Editor
    Simple Guestbook - unchecked
    Site Software
    SpamAssassin Spam Box
    Statistics Program Manager
    Subdomain Manager
    Subdomain Stats
    Support System Submission — Legacy feature for cPanel x and x2 themes
    Update Contact Information
    Update Notification Preferences
    Video Tutorials
    Virus Scanner
    Web Disk
    Webalizer Stats

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