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As I have been with KnownHost for quite some time now I would like to ask a question pertaining to something I am thinking of getting involved with.

As I own a hosting business I am starting to lease game servers. Some of the games have mods and user maps that are uploaded to the game servers and the people who join those servers must have the mod as well as the user maps. If they don't then it can be configured in the games server.cfg file to connect to a remote server to automatically download the mod or maps. For example Call of Duty series there are some good modders who have created mods for the game for more options during game play plus many have created custom maps.

If you go to these servers that are modded or use custom maps they have a redirect link in the server config file and it checks to see if you have those files if not it connects to the link designated in the config and downloads from that hosting site.

My questions are:
Does anyone know what kind of server specs would be needed?

Anything in the WHM I Can set to increase the download speeds?

Is there a Download utility I can install to increase the speeds?

I have ordered another VPS to give this a try as my other account here has several hosting accounts which may slow down the downloads process but after trying out the new VPS I am getting the same in-game download speeds of 10 -12 kb/second. Some maps are in the range of 10 - 15mb in size and can take around 8-10 minutes to download.

I have seen some redirects go as fast as 400 - 600 kb/s which are all on linux machines by logging onto those servers myself.

Thank you for your time and help. Very Much appreciated.

Ron S.
Transfer speed is dictated by numerous factors--most of which are beyond any one person's control--and not something you can increase through software.
Hi khiltd,

Thanks for your reply. I did find out from a person who runs servers and stuff and she informed me what I needed was some sort of passive download utility enabled on the server. Not sure what that may be as there are 7 different ones out there.

We did upload the files to her server and modified the server.cfg file to point to her web address last night and ran the same process by going into game and pointing to the game server with the mods/maps on it and it download the files from her server rather quickly (200+ kb/sec). She has pretty much the same server specs as I have right now on her VPS and it seems something is missing on mine that she has and she firmly believes it is a passive download utility for web based redirects.
The amount of physical distance between you and the datacenter could easily be to blame for the numbers you're seeing, especially if you're on separate continents.

I had set up a service like that using a VPS with KnownHost. While it was a US customer, they were seeing close to 1mbps download speeds for the maps hosted with me. I'm sure, given a local server for the local players, they could see similar speeds.