Recommended VPS for my site?


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Hey Guys,

I would like to see your input about what vps should I go with. Right now, let me jot down what options I am seeking the most for in all the vps providers. I have been lurking around at and following peoples recommendations and also the vps offers given at that site by numerous hosting companies.

Requirements for my site:

  • 20-50GB in Disk Space
  • 500GB+ in Monthly Bandwidth
  • Cpanel/WHM Control Panels
  • Managed VPS Systems (Monitoring, Backups etc.)
  • 24/7 Live, Forum & Ticket Support
  • Min. RAM (320MB+) & Burstable (1024MB+)
  • A Very Good Uptime Guaranteed
  • DDoS Protection
  • PHP5 & MYSQL5
  • Unlimited MYSQL Databases with no limits in space
  • Full Root Access
  • Virtuozzo
  • Very very fast server
  • Pricing should be from US$35-80 per month
Extra Features:

  • FFMPEG & MENCODER Compatibility
  • 30+ Day Money Back Guarantee
  • IP Addresses: 2 or more...
  • Site Migration done by the host (my site diskspace is 4.4 gb right now, needs to be moved from the built in hsphere control panel). I will not go with any hosting that will lose any of my data.
Currently, my sites domain is being transferred from IXWEBHOSTING to GODADDY. I have had enough of handling the shared hosting through ixwebhosting, the system does give database and much more errors every now and then. Let me tell you about my website. It is Bangladesh's Largest Automotive Website, a 1 year old community with around 3700 members and about 70 active users everyday. We have around 50 members using the forum, the gallery and the whole website at the peak hours. I am more than sure that this will rise to almost 500 members within a year mainly because of the heavy advertisement we have done and also because we are now an established Limited Liability Company.

The shared hosting at ixwebhosting was used for a year for (my concerned site) and I wish to enhance the ease of access for my site so that it doesnt go down every now and then and doesnt hang when too many users are active. I want to start off with a VPS and then move to a dedicated server once times flies by. For now, after researching, I have become totally interested with KnowHost, they seem to have the best reviews everywhere, not even one single negative comment was found by me about them. I have also looked and disturbed the people working at Hostican, Inmotion Hosting, VPSNext, VPSVille, VPSLand, ThePlanet, HOSTV. So far Hostican, Inmotion and HOSTV have become in my table for decision. But all three have had so much negative comments about them.

I want to know whose vps you guys use and if it is any good or site consists of vbulletin forum, photopost gallery, photopost classified and the joomla cms homepage, all integrated. You can lurk around my site as the following member login details and see if you find it a good site with a pretty good speed or not...I cannot distinguish it that well. My site contains mostly images and videos of 4.4gb in diskspace and the site eats around 50gb bandwidth every month and it keeps on rising every month. The site has two databases, one is around 120mb in size and the other is around 10mb in size, both will need to be uploaded by the hosting company.

Member Login: WheelsBD
Password: wheelsbd

Appreciate all your replies,
Meer Tauhid Husain
Hi Meer,

As far as the speed of your current site, I can't really tell. It's pretty slow on my end (took 9 seconds just to start loading the homepage). I think the site itself is fine, but the server seems slow.

KH has quite a few plans that would fit your needs. There are many places out there that will give you more bandwidth or disk space for the same money, but I assure you KH is the best host out there. My VPS has been down something like twice since I've been here (and those issues were associated with the old datacenter...not KH's servers going down), and any issue that comes up is dealt with very quickly. The servers are blazing fast. Support is pretty knowledgeable and helpful, and they respond ridiculously fast to support requests. Most of my support requests have been answered in a matter of minutes. I get nothing but compliments on the speed of the server and the uptime.

I'm on the XL plan in the California datacenter. Have been here for 3 years. I couldn't believe it either, just noticed when I was looking through my invoices last week. :D I certainly don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon either. You'll be very hard-pressed to find a dissatisfied customer here or on WHT. I have yet to see one negative anything about KH.

As far as transferring your files, I'm pretty certain that cPanel does not automatically import Hsphere sites, so the transfer would have to be done manually, as far as I'm aware. No data should ever be lost when transferring a site from one host to another. A move to KH should be no exception. Remember though that you are going to have to set everything up and re-configure everything on cPanel, i.e. email addresses, databases, etc. KH will definitely help you with the move though.
thank you for the quick response. I am so puzzled with which hosting to go to...Other Company or knownhost. I have seen that knownhost is probably the best hosting company according to I have seen that knownhost is also more recommended than Other Company. Here are the pros and cons that I have jotted down from the comparison between the two.


PROs for KnownHost:
VPSXLCA with 550gb bandwidth and 20GB is a very attractive offer
Choice of 4 different control panels
Min Ram 320MB and Burstable RAM of 1024mb
Fully Managed
Supported Forum available
40 Bucks Only!

CONs for KnownHost:
Diskspace is lower than what Other Company provides
Bandwidth is 50GB less
CPanel is 5 dollars extra

VPS Plan X

PROs for Other Company:
40GB Diskspace and 600GB Bandwidth
4 Dedicated IPs

CONs for Other Company:
384MB SLM RAM (no burstable ram option)
49.00 monthly, slightly more expensive

So all in all, to wrap it up, KnownHost seems to be only 45 dollars but with coupons a little bit lesser than that. Other company seems to be 49 dollars a month since I do not wish to sign any 6 months/1 year contract with either VPS Companies. Now tell me if I should step up to the VPS512 Package from Other Company or the VPS XXLCA Package from Knownhost which provides more bandwidth and much more ram.
Hello Meer,

Wow you must be really planning for the future!

First off I would say that if you are moving a site that large from shared hosting to a VPS you're almost guaranteed to see a performance improvement no matter who you decide to go with (I should hope).

Secondly I have to ask why you would go from shared clear up to the top teir offerings of any VPS vendors? Not that I want to talk you out of doing so but if you're using < 5GB of disk space and 50GB of bandwidth why jump all the way to 20/550GB or more when, at least with Knownhost, you can upgrade at anytime with no or minimal (only if they need to move you to a different server which I have never heard of happening) downtime? :D

Personally I have had VPSs with a few different vendors now and honestly none of them compared to Knownhost. A couple of them did in the beginning but as time went on performance degraded until it was worse than having a shared account.

In addition to that there is the service. Every ticket I have ever put in (over the span of almost 2 years now) has been answered literally within minutes. I simply do not think you will be able to find that elsewhere.

I think your main concern will end up being tranferring your databases and content since you are moving from an unsupported control panel. There aren't any scripts that I have seen to transfer from Hsphere to cPanel so you will have to do all of this manually and I do not think that any host will help you with such a move. It's not impossible to do by any means but it will take some time and will most likely mean some downtime for your site. I certainly hope you have SSH access to your shared account as that would greatly ease the move for you.

Hope this helps and hope to see you sign up here at Knownhost! ;)
Just to address the point of monitoring that you mentioned in the original post.

KnownHost VPS's are fully managed. Each node, i.e. the actual physical machine that hosts the VPS's(virtual instances) are monitored. KnownHost does NOT provide monitoring for individual VPS's however. What this means is that you are responsible for submitting a ticket to KnownHost if there is a VPS specific issue. You can use a monitoring service to alert you if your VPS goes down such as but the responsiblity is on you to alert KnownHost if there is an issue with your specific VPS(such as Apache going down) etc. etc.

Just trying to clarify that. Check this page for a more in depth description of fully managed: