Receiving mail failure notifications in spam but not from my own address


I may be asking a stupid question but for a newbie its OK!
I usually receive in my email spam folder the mail failure messages that come from numerous account hosted on my VPS. Whenever, any mail fails for any client's email account, it comes to me.
It may be some sort of settings issue, but where? Can someone please help me please?
Hi Naushad,

Are you certain they are actual bounced emails or are they spam? Bounced emails will always bounce back to the email in the send from address and the only emails I've ever received at the 'catch all' address myself were spam. Normally I will just blackhole or fail the catch all address. In the cPanel for the domain go to Default Address and you can configure it there.
thanks Dan,
The account that currently sends me huge number of failed emails is the one that has run out of its diskspace and the messages are being returned from its default mail address. I have changed its undelivered mails to "Discard" but it still keeps sending me the mails. Don't know where to set it.
Hi Naushad,

As near as I can tell the system should not even accept email for an account that is over quota. Can you check in your WHM:
Service Configuration
Exim Configuration Manager
Bounce email for users over quota = On

If that's already set to on then you will probably need to contact support. If it isn't then set it to on and save which should fix the problem for you.