Really impressed with KH


New Member
Honestly, I have only words of praise for KH.
Wear with KH just a week, I come from another hosting and in one week I've been here, the only thing I regret is not having met KH much earlier, since I started and have been with KH from the beginning.
Quality excellent server, technical service really impressive.
It is the best I've seen, response times of only some minutes, inclusive, I received answer that is to look at the matter carefully and then answer in detail, it is really impressive.
And the answers, not only answer, but explain the why of things, made me greatly helps me to learn.

Could be writing a lot more, but not be able to describe the joy of having known and having my server with KH.

Sincerely, thanks a million!

Thank you for your kind words. We want to do our best to ensure every client feels the way you do now.

We appreciate your business and welcome you to the KH Family!