Ready to make the move but...



OK, I am ready to make my purchase of a VS3 account. However, I have a few questions that i need answered first.

I am currently on a shared hosting account with

There are a total of 4 or 5 sites on this account. I only own one of these accounts and my site has outgrown the host we have. I would like ot move this site only to this new KH account.

We use cPanel and IPB boards. Is this somethig that KH can do for me when I purchase my account? I of course know i have to give them access and all. That is not an issue. I have the domain so will just need to change my NS's.

Will KH help me along the way as far as telling me when I should take my board offline and back online and such?

Thank you
OK, getting a little nervous about purchasing. I have tried calling your sales phone line several times now. No answer, only a recording to leave a message. It is during business hours and I have left a message as urgent and still no call. It has been over 2 hours since I left the message.

I also sent an email to Sales many hours ago and no response yet. If sales is this hard to get a hold of I am afraid tech support might be worse???

We returned all voice mails so please let us know. Also all Sales tickets have been replied to. Feel free to give us a call at 866-332-9894 so we can assist you further. Talk soon.


It's good we got things taken care of. It was nice talking to you on the phone. Sorry for nobody picking up when you tried to call originally. If you notice your not receiving emails from us again let us know.