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KH vps plans have 2 dedicated IPs with them. Besides serving as a secondary DNS nameserver, what do you guys usually use the secondary IP address for? I mean what's the purpose of the seoncd IP address?

Is it advisable to set the IP of newly created accounts to the secondary IP?

Please share your experiences and tips for newbies like me.
Hello senecalaca39 and welcome to KH :)

I put my second nameserver on the second IP but as far as I know you're correct in that it's hardly needed or used.
Well most VPS customers are probably using their accounts for business purposes, and businesses usually need to take money from people. Securing your mail server can eat up one IP/SSL certificate combo, so the other can be put to use for order processing.

Most other VPS providers actually give you three IPs out of the gate so you don't have to recycle those used by your nameservers. This comes in handy when you want/need reverse lookups to return something other than the names of your nameservers.
thanks dan & khiltd.

my question now are as follows:

during account creation, there's an option to either set the dedicated IP to the secondary IP or just "Auto Assign" (which usually assigns to the primary IP).

which is a better (if not best) practice, is it to use the secondary IP for some of the accounts or just use the primary?

what other most common instances wherein the secondary IP should be used?

i'm here to learn from experts' experiences. so please share your tips :)
If all of the accounts in question are able to share a single IP then that's purely an organizational decision that only you can make. Both IPs ultimately point to the same thing on a VPS.
so it doesn't really matter then which IP to use for accounts. that was what's bothering me awhile ago. i was having dilemna earlier on which IP to use for additional accounts. thanks for your response. i would be just setting the primary account for all my accounts i guess :D

i'm still in search of something that i could use my secondary IP for :)

any suggestions?