Rating/reporting of individual support people



as a long time customer with several VPS, I have to say it's all top notch and support is very skilled, quick and eager to help....BUT, again and again over the years I had always bad experience with ONE single person.

Very unfriendly, did several times errors changing configurations on live machine without being asked to, broke things a few times, and usually is just not very willing to help replying to questions in vague/unrelated matters or with half phrase and a link.

I'm obviously not going to call names here, but I'd like to know if there's a way of reporting such problems, as I said over years I had so many bad experiences with this person that if it's only one available I send another ticket later hoping that someone else will pick it up, but that's not ideal and doesn't solve the problem.

Any suggestion? Without this single person I'd rate the support 100% of the times excellent.
Hi @opoloko feel free to direct message me here on the forums and we'll investigate. This should absolutely not be the case and we do apologize if you've had any bad experience with one of our staff.