Ram Suggestions?


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I'm really new to the VPS scene, I've been owned reseller plans for years and this was a big step for me but I'm enjoying it so far. My site is database driven and well, i was on the VPS m plan except after everything resolved and today it was fully active again, we hit the blackzone on usage 11 times today haha. So I guess my question is does anybody have any kind of average ram usage just for what cpanel uses? I have a decent member-base but there are a significant number of MySQL queries being run, so I dont want to overload because I'm using a lot of MySQL queries on top of using cpanel. I guess I should mention that I hate plesk so I'm willing to be flexible to make this work for me.

I've opted to upgrade one plan to 192 mb ram and 768 burst, we'll see how it goes in the next couple of days.

Cpanel uses about 130mb of RAM for being installed. You should be getting your MAX RAM not MIN RAM but in general Cpanel is quite heavy compared to other control panels. You can always upgrade from VPS plan to VPS plan or just add resources al la carte as needed via your billing account login found here billing.knownhost.com. To add resources al la carte just go to My Sites on the Top Menu then My Packages then click on the package. On the right you should see an upgrade wizard. From there is is pretty straight forward. To upgrade to an entirely new VPS plan please just email sales@knownhost.com which I think you already did. :) Hope this helps. Please ask if you have any further questions.