RAM questions

Hi Kingtas,

Unless you have one of the older VPSs (which KH stopped selling probably 2 years ago now) then you do not have burstable ram.

And no there is no SLM management to my knowledge.

Hope that helps!
I believe KH VPS does not use burst RAM. Is this correct?

Also, does KH use SLM RAM?


We used to offer the old UBC based VPS's using Virtuozzo but about 2 years ago moved to the new Virtuozzo based SLM VPS's. We find it superior as it doesn't have tons of artificial limits set and in fact works like a Dedicated Server would in the case of RAM. Hope this helps.

So KH does use SLM. Does that mean I should not run out of memory and serve blank pages because SLM memory management shuts down processes? I don't have any problems with my VPS. I'm just trying to wrap my head around SLM. Thanks.
SLM doesn't mean you can't run out of RAM. It's just a much more sophisticated way of managing the RAM usage on a VPS. UBC is the old and "not recommended" way by the makers of Virtuozzo as all the artificial limits cause more harm then good. We find SLM to be superior as do most who converted from the old UBC VPS's..