Ram/CPU/Storage Increases


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Out of curiosity, do you ever elect to increase Ram/CPU/Storage for all customers periodically? I assume that over time the cost of these going down (ex. 1 TB Flash Drive surely costs less today than it did say a year ago). Might I assume that we can look forward to increases once per year or similar?
It varies year to year. If you look in the Specials & Announcements forum you'll notice something called KH Santa where in years past we've done just this. In the past few years we've moved more towards simply revamping our plans. When we launched the current MVPS-* packages it saved people on the legacy SSD-* plans quite a bit of money and gave a ton more resources for example.

Basically when our packages get out of whack with modern times/pricings we create new packages that you're welcome to move to. We still tend to announce these around Christmas each year though we don't redo packages every year.
More often it's better to upgrade to a new plan. For example, one of my Dedi's is on the older Cent OS and I won't be able to continue cPanel updates much longer, so I'm going to have to switch that server to a new plan. It'll be much better specs, at nearly the same cost, so I'd be doing it soon anyway. KH has upgraded my Dedi's more than once, and I believe my VPSs too, at no extra cost, so that's always a nice surprise. I migrate services to a new plan, to take advantage of better specs, for each server about every 2 to 3 years. If you were to stay on the same plan for 10 years, that's certainly not a server KH would be focused on upgrading any longer, as it would probably be one of the last few of that model still in their farm.