Questions re. VPS/Hybrid account




I am considering getting a VPS or Hybrid Server account from KnownHost but would like to get some recommendation and advice.

I currently run a web site that's basically a mirror archive of a network54 forum. My site archives the contents of the forum and serves as a repository of message postings and images, stored in a MySQL database and directly in the file system respectively. My mirror site does not generate huge traffic but it has grown to be pretty big in size, and I have outgrown my current shared hosting account's resource capacity. The MySQL db is approaching 1GB in size and all the images and the mirror site take up almost 18GB.

My site bandwidth usage traffic is about 15GB/month, which is not a lot, so my main concern is to find a site that has enough disk space and resource capacity to accomodate my archive and also allow for the mirror to grow. Right now my archiving software consists of perl scripts running as cron jobs to update the MySQL database with a PHP front end for the content management system.

My question is, is my site something that a VPS or Hybrid Server account on Known Host can accomodate in terms of resource usage? If so I don't mind getting a 50GB Hybrid Server account as my mirror archive is a long term project that I would like to continue to host and maintain.

Thank you for any feedback!

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. Based on what you said a VPS or Hybrid should work well for you. The nice thing is you can easily upgrade from plan to plan with no downtime. The Hybrid may be overkill at this point but you can always grow into it if your budget allows for it. Also, you can even downgrade your plan if you find you don't need all the resources. Hope to see you signup.


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A couple more questions...

Thank you Joel for the quick reply!

I have a couple more questions if you guys don't mind answering.

I am thinking of getting the 20GB or 30GB VPS account with CPanel, what version of PHP comes default with the CentOS on the VPS? I know it's possible to install any version of PHP but it would be great if PHP 5 in already set up -- I do web development but rather not spend a lot of time doing sysadmin, so it would be great to have the tools all ready and available.

Also, I am planning on writing some web software with python. Can mod_python be installed and run on your VPS Apache installations? This would be just for testing and small-scale content management software, not for heavy-duty use.

Thank you so much for your info!


what version of PHP comes default with the CentOS on the VPS?
--PHP 5x will be installed by default on any new VPS with cPanel.

Can mod_python be installed and run on your VPS Apache installations?
--Yes this is not a problem at all.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Thank you Joel for the lightning quick responses!