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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by alake, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. alake

    alake New Member

    Having never had a VPS before, I have some questions. At present, I have a shared hosting account with Affordable WebWorks. I have apparently outgrown the service, which has been quite good.

    Here are my questions and needed capabilities:

    • Disaster recovery. It appears that my new VPS will be in Los Angeles. What are your contingency plans for when (not "if") they have a large earthquake?
    • Set up soft links (ln -s).
    • I need to be able to have a remote terminal and be able to run scripts.
    • I am not going to sell hosting services, but I have some family/friends that I wish to provide hosting accounts for.
    • The 7GB disk space that you offer -- Is that in addition to the OS' requirements?
    • My hosting service has taken the responsibility for renewing my domain name. Do you folks offer that service?
    • I do all the sysadmin for my Fedora 10 machine at home but there are some things that I have never done. How can I learn to do the additional things that having a VPS will require, such as activating sub-domains, aiming a given domain name at my VPS, etc.
    • I assume that I'll be able to upload software, create directories outside of publicly accessable areas, etc. Is this assumption correct?
    • My shared hosting service uses DirectAdmin. I get along with it OK, but there are some things I cannot do with it. I need help to determine what kind of Control Panel I need, if DirectAdmin is inadequate.
    • I pinged your L.A. & Texas data centers. The average response for L.A. was 305.6; for Texas it was 179. I don't understand the real-world significance of this difference.
    What other questions should I ask? ;)

    Thank you.
  2. rezag

    rezag New Member

    I am NOT a KH employee but a satisfied customer so take my replies as only rough guides that should be verified via an official reply here or via a ticket

    Disaster recover... KH themselves do not do offsite backups, large earthquake that damages the datacenter will mean your own offsite backups are the fallback, but they will do their best to help because its their business at stake.

    Set up soft links...I am not sure, sorry.

    Remote terminals...VPN or such is not allowed last I checked but you have root command line access (putty, etc.)

    For family you can set up hosting as in giving them FTP, etc. access.

    You can transfer existing domains during the ordering process.

    This forum and support tickets take care of most if not all questions you might have.

    You have full root access you can upload stuff, create directories, etc.

    If you buy a package with a control panel ala DA, you will get full support, your questions will be answered

    In my opinion Texas has been better, but according to your (and your customers' or family's) location choosing the lower ping/closer proximity gives a bit of a benefit.

    Hope these help, I am sure, Paul, Jay or Joel will be around to give fuller and better replies.
  3. LaptopFreak

    LaptopFreak Member

    KH staffs had told me before that they do onsite backup instead. Hopefully their onsite backup is Texas nodes are backup to California and vice versa. However, most likely it is Texas to Texas, California to California...

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