Questions on WHM Tweak Settings


I noticed on our dedicated server that the following items in WHM were not enabled when the server was set up by KnownHost:
I'm moderately comfortable and familiar with WHM, but certainly no expert.

Is there a reason that these should not be enabled? They all seem to serve a good purpose and improve security overall.

Of course I understand that there are specific user by user situations that these items might interfere with operations on the server, but I think those would be pretty rare.

Any input is welcome. :)

Many applications don't play nicely with this.

This causes issues for a lot of people which connect to remote SMTP servers. CSF also has a better implementation of this which IIRC is enabled by default on our servers.

I believe this is still at the default setting. I wanna say that it's caused some issues before on a pretty large scale but at the moment I can't remember exactly why. @KH-Paul may remember.

This one likes to get people (us too) locked out of SSH. It's no fun to fix :(

Enable cPHulk Brute Force Protection

This is another one that likes to block us very quickly when people give us incorrect passwords. CSF has a much better implementation of similar protections so having two things blocking you for the same thing is just added hassle without any extra security.

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Hi Jonathan,

It looks like the downside of enabling most of these is that it leads to possible inadvertent blocks on the real sysadmins...

Sigh.... maybe I should forget them then.... :confused:
When I asked about enabling the PHP open_basedir Tweak (I'm DSO), Jonathan replied:
Many applications don't play nicely with this.

I was reading the cPanel documentation, and it says:
When you enable the open_basedir tweak, the system adds PHP directives to each Virtual Host in the httpd.conf file.
These directives limit users' PHP access to the following directories:
1 /usr/lib/php
2 /usr/local/lib/php
3 /tmp

When running DSO, I can't see how enabling it can be a bad thing?
How would applications not play nicely with this setting?
Thanks for helping a newb out :confused: