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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Newbie, Sep 24, 2007.

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    I've read some of the stuff here, and you guys seem very nice so I'm going to ask some questions.

    First of all I'm not a programmer at all. I've been running a vBulletin forum on a shared server since January. Prior to that I'd only messed with my personal website for uploading pictures and stuff.

    I use cPanel with my current host. I've figured out how to do most everything I've needed so far - but I'm supposedly out using my resources.

    They shut my site down for 12 hours the other day and sent me a message that included this information:

    Your account was suspended for a Terms of Service violation: Excessive MySQL/CPU use. A sample of the log is attached at
    the end of this message. Many times, excessive MySQL activity is caused by (a) a long-running process that locks a table,
    causing other queries to back up, (b) a query that is not optimized ][example: select all from ... and involving a large or
    complex query], (c) huge table copies/maintenance during peak hours.

    [root@gator104php5sql5 ~]# mysqladmin proc | grep databasename
    | 725 | username| localhost | databasename | Sleep | 24 | | |
    | 732 | username| localhost | databasename | Sleep | 11 | | |
    | 738 | username| localhost | databasename | Sleep | 24 | | |
    | 739 | username| localhost | databasename | Sleep | 1 | | |
    | 747 | username| localhost | databasename | Sleep | 22 | | |
    | 752 | username| localhost | databasename | Sleep | 22 | | |
    | 756 | username| localhost | databasename | Sleep | 1 | | |
    | 757 | username| localhost | databasename | Sleep | 11 | |

    ~1300 members
    ~ 600 active
    ~40-50 concurrent - most ever ~90

    Current Server situation:

    Subdomains 6 / unlimited
    Parked Domains 0 / 999
    Addon Domains 0 / 999
    MySQL Databases 2 / unlimited
    Disk Space Usage 597.63 Megabytes
    MySQL Disk Space 368.05 Megabytes
    Disk space available 4402.37 Megabytes
    Bandwidth (this month) 15278.30 Megabytes

    I'd like to stay with cPanel since that's what I'm familar with.

    My biggest concern is my level of inexperience. I've been researching hosting companies and one of them just told me this:

    So I have two questions for you:

    1) do I still need to be familiar with Linux system administration to use *your* VPS
    2) if not, which level of service do you recommend based on my situation

    I want room to grow and add services to my forum...but I don't want to spend more than necessary.

    Oh, and how 'bout that summer special? I know I'm past the deadline, but that would really make my decision to go with you guys 100% easier! ;)
  2. KH-Joel

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    Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. Based on your needs and the information you posted I would recommend our VPS XL with cPanel/WHM. The good thing is you can upgrade resources (RAM for example) a la carte so if need be you have that flexibility or just upgrade the entire base plan. No type of downtime will be associated with this upgrade.

    Regarding the level of experience you need, we have many customers switch from cPanel shared or WHM Reseller hosting plans and once setup their fine. We will move the cPanel accounts for you as long as you give us access to those accounts. We are a Semi-Managed VPS provider so are here to help when needed. We are known to go out of our way to assist with things so that shouldn'e be a problem.

    We do have a promotion going right now (KH2MONTHS) which gets you 50% off the first two months. Feel free to use this while ordering. For other coupons you would need to email our sales department. Hope this helps.

  3. ppc

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    This is so true. KH does go above and beyond and just like myself who was a complete newbie when it came to linux and VPSes - with a little work I can now say I have a pretty firm footing.

    Hope to see you become part of the KH community ;)
  4. cookie

    cookie Alien

    well I am new here. I am satisfied so far. I recommend Knownhost.
    They are friendly . Nice guys. I myself do not have much experience about linux but so far they have kindly helped me.:) Go for it.

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