Questions about switching hosts.


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I've outgrown my former host and am about to purchase a VPS plan. I have several sites that need to be transferred. All use WHM/cPanel and I plan on getting the same control panels with knownhost.

After I purchase my plan, will I be able to get some assistance transferring my sites and can this be done before my other host bills me at the beginning of next month? Who should I contact and what steps should I take next? Will the transition be seamless or should I expect there to be some downtime?

Also, if I purchase an account now, when will I be charged again? I won't be charged again for at least another month (30 days) right? I would assume so, I just want to make sure I don't get double billed due to the timing and a set billing date.
Hello Silverweb,

Yes, we can migrate your data the same day you order and receive your welcome email with IP information, etc. Just place the order, await the welcome email (will be sent tonight sometime), then open a support ticket and provide logins to both accounts. From there we will take care of it. The only downtime will be when you change your DNS at your registrar. You get custom nameservers with the VPS with new IP's so this needs changed by you once the migration is completed.

As for billing, you just signup and pay for the first month, then the second month is free with our current promotion so you won't be billed again for 60 days. See here for the promotion. You would get 10% off for life and the second month free for any VPS L or larger (monthly payments only).