Questions about Cron jobs


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Hi there,

I have just transferred my PHP application from Bluehost to KnownHost and I'm having a couple of issues with cron.

First of all, is there a way to see a list of the cron jobs that are currently running? In the previous Bluehost cPanel I was able to list the processes which clearly showed which processes were for each cron job but this option is not in KnownHost's cPanel.

I've tried in WHM to look via System Health > Show Running Processes but this is not very helpful and doesn't show me cron jobs.

Secondly, is there any limit to how many cron jobs can be running on an account at any one time? I have my application setup in such a way that multiple copies of the same cron job should be running at the same time but this doesn't appear to be happening. I can't see exactly what's going on without being able to see a list of cron jobs but it seems from what I can tell from my logs that there are at most 3 running at once.

Hi Caroline,

You should be able to see the cron jobs in the users cPanel. You can also log in using SSH and list them using the command 'crontab -u <username> -l' (replacing <username> with the account).

Hope that helps!