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    I hate to be pessimistic about Knownhost as i've had a pleasant experience overall. Support responses are fairly fast but i find support staff do not pay enough attention to questions asked.

    For example. I asked about a user of mine using a mojomailer script and if they knew about it. Google turned up very little response. I have zero tolerance for spam as does KH. I was suspicious of a customer running a spamming script and a support member actually asked if i needed help installing it or supporting it.

    In the last hour my server has had upwards of 1000 emails sent via relay that i believe to be spam, instead support suggested to remove a script running under a specified domain. (ME) lol. I own the server and they didn't pay enough attention to notice the domain is the one they are SSH'ing into.

    I'm not mentioning names as i'm not here to humiliate anyone, support otherwise has been top notch and fast, but i'm curious if anyone else is noticing a lack of attention to their questions or responses.

    Edit: Thought i should mention emails originating from my domain are form WHMCS and such. No mailer scripts. Not compromised as was suggested to remove a script from another user of mine using PHPBB which are generic forum notifications letting users know a response has been made.

    I want it to be very well known i fully support KH. Just curious if i'm the only one that sees/gets this type of response. Not that it's not helpful but a serious situation like spam i surely would not like help installing a software to support spam.
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    You have to realize that these guys are dealing with a lot of people new to all of this and I imagine they get tired after awhile. So every once in awhile something is going to slip through.

    As for my comments about KH:
    For the past week I have tried several companies offering VPS, and with each, I have canceled and requested refunds within a couple of hours. Just terrible, slow as molasses starting at login, and questions all answered generically. I have two decades working with the internet and I am migrating from a dedicated server on Godaddy, and I must say, I have so far been pleasantly pleased and surprised with Knownhost. Their support fixed an issue of the firewall locking me out, within minutes. The speed of the servers have been exceptional, rivaling the speed of my dedicated server. I have already set up most of my websites, and everything has been a breeze... once I figured out the tricks to VPS.

    Try and be patient with support, they have a job that most would run from, and from what I have seen thus far, are some of the top in the business as far as trying to help.
    I hope you got your issue resolved.
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    I've been in business since 1991 with dedicated servers and recently trying out for the first time VPS. I used to run a dedicated T1 out of my garage when i first started way back when. If there was a word to describe KnownHost as to how happy i am with them and how well they manage to run the business i'd say it.

    I think it was one of those things that had me a little thrown back. She was still helpful and i know she was only being helpful in her question regarding install. It's just one of those "huh" moments when it was asked.

    I've also been with so many other providers. The last 2 before i found KH nearly scared me off into running out of my office instead of a colocated server/VPS. Debbie was insanely friendly, Justin kept things flowing for me and then Paul was helpful today trying to figure everything out.

    Point was or is. More of a ramble. I was left saying "huh" when i was asked about installing spam software when i know KH doesn't allow spam. Sometimes i feel the end part of a response is canned but i could be wrong.

    Either way, out of 20 years myself in the business i am... i've seen many come and go. I've seen shady people. So far hands down the rest of the business world including myself needs to learn a few things from KH in regards to how quick they respond and the friendly helpful attitude.

    As i said to paul earlier, i say things wrong in text... if i were in person you'd laugh about it and we'd joke. Text things come off as arrogant, ignorant and sometimes rude. Well then you have the bullies :p

    Anyhow anyone who is reading this thinking of using KnownHost, don't think just signup no question in my mind you'd be happy
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    Great post.

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