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I am intrested in VPS M plane, well i have a question, i have to run 2 sites on SMF (Simple machines forum) how much users does this plane will support (Total) at a time


It isn't about how many forum users the VPS can handle it is about overall resources. We have rather large forums on our VPS L plan and some smaller ones on the VPS M. You can always start with VPS M and upgrade as you find the need. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Great, you guys are relly fast :p, well i want aprox, how many user can be online at a time?
I really like it, So is your support responce faster like this one? previously i used and it really sucks they were dumb.
Our support is fast of course. Feel free to check our forums as well places like Webhostingtalk.

There is no way to give you an approx number of users. It depends on things such as the forum software, list of loaded php / forum modules, etc. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it out and decide from there. If I said a number I would be guessing so would rather not.

CPU we don't hard limit the CPU in a VPS. So with the way Virtuozzo works by nature the server has a total number of CPU. In your case it would be a Dual Opteron 248 (4400 Mhz total). We provide equal share CPU which means you get the same percentage as others on the same server. So if we have 10 VPS's you get 1/10 of the CPU. If nobody is using CPU you in reality could get 100% CPU but per our TOS we do not allow someone to use over 25% of CPU for over 90 seconds. If you do your account could be terminated. We would warn you first but expect a fast reply to solve the issue. The reason is this effects all other customers on the server.

Sorry Apache 2 is not supported by either Plesk or Cpanel. We support what the software vendor supports.

well let me search around, but i think i have found the right place
Sounds good. I have no problem saying we are tough to compare to. Lots of confidence within KnownHost.

Small correction - Plesk and Webmin VPS will have Apache 2.0.52 which is a native version of Apache on CentOS 4.x / RHEL 4.x systems. As for cPanel - Apache v1.3.36 is installed by default, Apache 2 support in cPanel remains in Alpha version since middle of 2003.

well It is really amazing, i have'nt seen any negative remark towards Knownhost on :D
We currently have a promotion allowing you to get 50% off the first and second month of any VPS plan. Use the KH2MONTHS coupon code in the orderwiz and signup for the monthly service and it will be added to your account. Hope to see you signup.

KnownHost-CEO said:
Use the KH2MONTHS coupon code in the orderwiz and signup for the monthly service and it will be added to your account. Hope to see you signup.

Is the promotion still on? I am currently shopping around for a VPS and you guys sounds good. I had a bad experience with a host regarding site migration. After they moved my site (a phpbb2 forum board) to their server, some changes in the file mysql4.php needed to be done because the database name and usernames, pw are different. I was not sure what to do and I called them. But they would not guide me through.

Let say, if I sign up a VPS with you. would you help me reconfigure my database files after the site migration? If you can assure me of that concern, I will sign up right away.