Question for PHP instaled extensions in reseller hosting and upgrade terms

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by MyNameIsBob, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. MyNameIsBob

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    I'm very interesting in your reseller service, but before I need some information:
    - ¿What is the Operating System and PHP version for reseller webhosting?
    - ¿I can Install an PHP special extension (exactly, i need JSON and SOAP extension, for some especial project)?.
    I'm understand the VPS concept, and I evaluate for this alternative, but my central business, in this moment, is simple webpages desing, maintenance and hosting, with some special requirements, like simple webservice interactivity (non memory or cpu exhaustive use) or rich Internet Applications with JSON backend. I'm not complicate with server administration, I only wish earn money with my service and trust in a very good hosting service, and I have listened good thinks about you. Thanks for your reply!!!
  2. MyNameIsBob

    MyNameIsBob Guest

    About of upgrade terms

    This is a very important aspect. I need and very scalable service, virtually unlimited and unrestricted upgrade terms. I would begin with KnownHost KH Pro, but is possible that my necessities exceed the KH Expert plan. ¿I can upgrade my plan from KH Expert to another more big?¿this is possible?.
    I'm gliding offer to my clients an "flexible plan", they can acquire more domains, more disk space, more mailbox, more databases, etc., all individual, with different cost for each element, and I need an unlimited upgrade from my hosting provider. Thanks for your reply!!!
  3. Mashahood

    Mashahood VPS Ltx User


    CentOS Operating system
    PHP version 5.2.3

    Shared/Reseller cannot be customized (I don't know may be your required extension may already be there) if you need to custom install extension consider VPS plane where you are free to do anything on your VPS (under AUP)

    Restrictions are everywhere, beyond KH pro you will have to consider VPS Planes which are much more flexible much unrestricted

    KH Expert is the last Reseller package, beyond this you should consider VPS Packages

    Correct me if i am wrong at any place
  4. MyNameIsBob

    MyNameIsBob Guest


    Thanks for your response. ¿somebody have a phpinfo page?. ¿somebody know about JSON and SOAP extension in reseller service?... on the other hand, ¿VPS is complicated to administer?¿is better for hosting reseller VPS Mtx than KH Pro or KH Expert (reliability, stability, performance, uptime, etc.)?¿in VPS have the same CPU restriction in reseller plans or in VPS plans?¿in VPS plan I can install any type of server (tomcat, openlazlo, jabber, postgresql, oracle express, standalone service, etc.) with obvious hardware constrains?¿I can upgrade easily from reseller plan to VPS plan?... thanks!!!
  5. KH-Joel

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    Yes you can upgrade from a Reseller to VPS but it is like ordering a brand new hosting plan as you get new IP's and our order system requires a new order. Your extensions your asking for (SOAP, etc) are not active on Reseller systems so for your needs you would need a VPS. VPS's are our forte and in general we have tons of people even switching from shared hosting so I highly recommend it. You do have more responsibility but that is why we are here. If questions arise or you need advice let us know. Hope this helps.


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