Question about default vps setup and private nameservers


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How is a new vps setup? What I mean is, am I expected to do something to the standard/default setup in terms of security, dns settings, a entry, etc or is it good to go right out of the gate?

I've setup all the domains, transferred all my files, and setup email accounts using cPanel. I've been testing by adding the primary IP to my .hosts file and everything seems to be working fine. I want to make sure I'm not missing something before I change the info at my registrar.

Also, can I setup private nameservers for different domains on the same IP or do I have to use the primary domain's nameservers for all domains?

Thought I'd share the answers I got from support.

re: standard/default setup in terms of security on new vps setup?

The server hardening done during provisioning is enough for most situations. However, its important to keep your sites up to date and secure as sever security can not keep insecure site code safe.

>How about dns settings, a entry, etc, because it looks like WHM sets that up when you create a new account?

Yes, this is generally always handled by cPanel/WHM.

> Can I setup private nameservers for the other domains (all on the same IP) or do they all have to use the same primary nameserver info?

Its usually preferable to do the latter so if you have to move to a new server for any reason, you can update the IPs of ns1 and ns2 and that changes the nameserver of all your domains. If you want private nameservers for a domain, just let us know and we can help you set it up.