Prospective customer with a question or two



I have been keeping an eye on the forum here for a while and have also been running what tests (Alertra) that I can with what IPs I can see to use.

I have always historically found though that the performance of a system you actually receive is somewhat below that of what you are given to test.

So the question I have today: Is it possible to get the domain names or IP numbers of actual users to be able to run Alertra against? Via PM is great as I completely understand not wanting to post them publicly. If not I understand as well it will simply take me longer to determine things.

And on another note: As near as I can tell full system backups are done daily and the only access we have to these backups is through support. Is that correct and is that how it is for the foreseeable future?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration :)

Hello Dan,

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. Regarding uptime (IP's) feel free to go to hyperspin which is found here. We publicly monitor all our servers so you can see all the information you need there. We're also monitored on Webhostingstuff but Hyperspin is a paid service and we find to be very reliable. All our servers are monitored every 5 minutes so if a server goes down we are notified immediately. If you just want to check our IP's for other reasons they are listed on our "Networks" page. Hope this helps.

We do external server backup's every other night and yes we can apply per your request. You as the customer also have access to your backups within your VZPP (Virtuozzo Powerpanel) so you don't need to rely on us but we are here if needed.


Aside from being down for just a couple minutes during the latest server update, I haven't had a single bit of downtime since I've been here. Most recently, our server had been running for something like 70 days since our last reboot with no downtime.

Thank you for the information. I am happy to hear that I would have access to the backups as I did not gather that previously.


Thank you for the uptime information, this is always good to know and comforting. How would you as a user rate the performance of your VPS and which package (if you do not mind my asking) do you have?

Next question: I am currently on a CPanel system. I know that CPanel is resource hungry and would like to know if it is possible to move to a different control panel or how difficult it is to do so.

Thanks in advance,


Yes, you definitely have access to these backup's via the VZPP. Not sure if the cPanel question was for me but I always recommend to stick to what you know as most revert back after a few days it seems. Also, we do free migrations but it has to be from the same control panel so that is something to consider as well.

Not a problem Dan! I hope to see you signup. Please note we have a promotion currently for all monthly purchased VPS's. KHFeb2007 is the coupon code which gets you 50% off the first and second month. :)

Hi again Dan,

No problem. I'm on the XL plan in the California datacenter, running cPanel. Performance is phenomenal. I have never experienced any problems, slowdowns or anything. The server load as I type this is 0.00. Yep! Rarely gets over 0.10-0.15.

The few times I have needed to contact Support/Sales, etc. they have been phenomenal. Responses are lightning fast. After I got rid of our dedicated servers quite some time ago (they were an awesome company), I had the displeasure of hosting with 2 or 3 companies that ended up being absolutely terrible. KH is by far the best company I've been with ever.

Absolutely no complaints from me, and if you browse this forum and places like webhostingtalk, you'll see the same across the board.
Thank you very much for the input Bryan :)

Joel, I've been watching the announcements and specials forum and see no mention of your current promotion in there. If they are not posted there how am I to know when the right one comes along? ;)

Thanks again!


All current specials can be found on our specials page here:

Is there anything in particular you are waiting for?


Excellent, thank you for that Joel!

What am I waiting for? Heh, well I always get nervous. Specials wise I'd like to wait for something like the 10% off for the lifetime of the account that ran at the beginning of the year. But I understand that that may have been a once a year thing. This recent one is fine for the first two months but I prefer to pay yearly to try to keep the costs down.

Here's a couple more questions for you:
Will my server name have to change? And my nameservers? I understand the IPs will change of course.
What about my global Squirrelmail install? Will I have to reinstall and configure that myself?
I run APF and BFD (minus Exim) too, what about that?
I have a domain with an external email server but I assume the DNS zone will be copied when it is brought over, is that correct?
I have another domain with Listmail Pro installed into a subdomain and I assume that the SQL database and cron jobs will be brought over from those is that correct?

Thanks again Joel :)


The 10% off for life we ran at the end of the year so we can't promise we will run it but there is a good chance it will be back around. With the migration everything would come over but the external email server data of course. Before anything is done our Support staff will address this so you just run it by them. They will assist in making this as painfree as possible. APF and BFD upon request we will install without a problem.

Listmail pro I am not personally familiar with but as long as it is something cPanel supports then the migration of this should be fine. Support can confirm this for you better then I.

Hope to see you signup.

You will of course have to login to your domain registrar's interface and adjust the nameservers. The rest should be fine unless you did something custom not supported via cPanel.

Well taking a look at the latest special you can definately count me in! ;)

Thanks and talk to you all later!