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Hi all,

OK I know it takes awhile fro Propagation to take place and everything,, but realistically just about all my accounts previously fired up within an hour or so after registering them.

However we finally got my WHM and stuff setup late yesterday afternoon and the DNS info changed from my old Host/Registrar and at this time neither my primary account or one of my test sites is showing up. It is has been I know 24 hours since we did changed the DNS info.

Any help or things to look for would be greatly appreciated ;)

Thanks Much in advance,
That's not really enough information for anyone to help you. What specifically did you do and what specifically isn't working?
Ok bear with me as I am still learning all the techy and terminology on this vps stuff here, lol.

Ok we got my WHM set up for the Nameservers and everything. WHM is all setup.

I am a reseller of a Domain Name Seller as well a customer of my own account. I already had a Domain Name registered for an account pointing to one of my Reseller accounts that I had and I wanted to use that account/DOmain Name for my actual Hosting site on the VPS. So I had to remove the old DNS info and create a child account or something and then I added my NEW DNS Info provided by KnownHost and it is has been well over 24 hours and my Hosting site as well as one of my personal sites that I had on my old reseller account is still not showing when entering the domain name's. My Hosting site shows if I use the actual IP addy and works in my ftp, but not using the actual domain name.

Hope this is enough info and you can understand it. Again I am a NOOB and just learning this aspect of hosting ;)

People will still typically say that DNS propagation takes a few days although most times I have seen the changes take place within 24 hours.

Assuming you've configured things correctly it's very possible that the sites are down for you and not for others due to your ISPs DNS servers not refreshing frequently enough. As Khiltd asked for with your domain name people can test from other places and also run a dig against the name servers to take a look into things further.
Hi all,

Thanks for the help. My domain name is

Yes pretty much everytime I have added a new account or even changed DNS info they changes/new orders usually take place real fast and show real fast as well. This is why I am totally baffled. As of now I am working on 48 hours and still nothing.

Again thanks for all the help.

Also a friend of mine set my WHM up the exact same way as his, now we do have our DNS In different locations/company's, but I know the WHM Must be set up properly, lol
Well I believe the problem is that your nameservers don't exist. Since you're your own registrar I have no idea who you'd talk to about that, but whomever you're reselling for would be my first guess.
OK I am looking at my WHM under Basic cPanel/WHM Setup. Now in the section called "Hostname" should there be a host. before my actual domain name? Just wondering as it states "The server's current hostname. This value should be a fully qualified domain name and will need to resolve properly".

I am trying to cover all ideas and things I see that may be wrong or out of wack.



Well the nameservers were issued to me via KnowHost and I know the domain name works as I had it working before actually changing the DNS info from my prior account to my new one here.

Yeah I sent them a ticket the other night and this is what they said:

Ticket 1:
"It seems to be some kind of problem with these nameservers not being valid and so the DirectI system is rejecting them. You'll need to ensure you use valid nameservers for your domain"

Ticket 2:
"The DirectI system is saying that the nameservers aren't valid - ie. not registered with the registry. Untl that is done correctly, you won't be able to set your domain to point to them. If you have the main domain at DirectI itself, you can try submitting the child nameserver configs again and leave at least 24 hours for those changes to take effect."

Again thanks for the help, VERY MUCH Appreciated
This has nothing whatsoever to do with WHM or Knownhost. You need to register your nameservers with your registrar before they will work. Most of the popular ones out there have Flash tutorials on how to accomplish this in their respective knowledgebases.
OK I redid the Child servers and resubmitted and now it seems to work, lol. Now just have to redo the site as I set it up via IP and now it is reading the IP addy in the other sections of the site and not domain name, lol.

Thanks for the info and I do apologize for this thread.

A Newb I am, LOL.


Looks like you got it as the domain came up for me here :)

Good job and no need to apologize, that's what the forum is for :D