Prof assist req - setup DNS zones


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Is there anyone out ther who can assist, I'm more than happy to pay for this assistance...

Ever since I migrated my site to VPS I've had no end of problems and I've blown off 2 days of lost sales and still not fixed...

My sub domain shop is un-reachable by googlebot and I can't get emails to work (although some mail gets through sometimes).

This whole matter revolves around DNS zones which are not set up correctly.

I've already asked for support assistance but that's gone just absolutely nowhere, issue still persists.

Never had this much problem with website migration in my whole life, it's got me tearing my hair out.
Hi Victor,

Sorry to hear you're having such a difficult time. Did you ever get it figured out?
He PM'ed me, but before I could even offer private assistance he said he managed to get it working. Not sure where the issue was, but by the time I had the info I needed to test DNS settings and such, everything checked out fine.

Thanks to everyone who PM'd and replied ...

Especially a big thanks to KH support for their assistance and patience...

I've known some good technical assistance from host providers in my time but what stood out above all else on this occasion was KH staff's willingness to keep persevering (around the clock in tag team style) with this grumpy old ba**tard when I was pretty much worn down enough that I was ready to move the site back from where it came. I'm very glad now I didn't do that...

The biggest single root cause of all my issues was my own ignorance, I've never previously had the "pleasure" of experience with WHM or the associated responsibility to learn how to drive it properly. Doing myself no favours at the height of all this kafuffle, I vowed to push on whilst severely sleep deprived which didn't help matters.

One of key technical matters not discovered at first (after the DNS issues were resolved) was getting the site back to running on 755 folder permissions so it would write to it's own error logs AND write the URL's (that google knows and loves) to the site's system cache. Once the php setting were tweaked within WHM, the last parts of the puzzle fell into place but at first I couldn't see the errors in the normal place I go looking for them, wasn't until I discovered they are actually written elsewhere as well, it became blindingly obvious what was going on.

The reality is by day I'm a contract diesel mechanic, being a "webmaster" is a part time gig learning over the past several years. The change-over to VPS was purely to gain more control-ability over the database, which because of one particular application mod to my Opencart shop required some tweaks to db's max_packet_size to enable the app to work correctly without DB having a heart attack.

Very happy to report that not only is the site now faster than it's ever been, but the sales data export to online accounting package Xero finally successfully exported, which was my target goal for the move to VPS.

My apologies for delayed reply, as soon as my site proved itself to be functioning correctly 100% by taking it's first order yesterday evening at it's new "home", I pretty much immediately crashed out for twelve hours sleep. The old bladder was a bit full or recycled coffee this morning let me tell ya o_O
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Glad to hear that Victor. You'll certainly have more power over your system now using WHM, it's well worth it.
Welcome to KH Victor! With time you'll grow more familiar with WHM and maneuvering through it will be a breeze. I don't know if you have checked it out yet, but cPanel's documentation is very helpful to me when I am stuck trying to find how to do something. :)

And of course, KH Support is also always happy to help with any issue I can figure out on my own. ;)
Yes, thanks for the welcome folks I'll learn it no problem, will be easier with the luxury of time now that's it's up and running...

I had to do a crash course in learning puTTy as well to modify mysql settings, am particularly pleased at the result of the database no longer crashing and the site's page load speed has improved dramatically since the change-over, nice to have a blown big-block under the hood and I have no intent to become a hosting reseller so only one user is me.

I think the site is going to stay here for a long time to come, my last host wanted more than double the monthly charge for a similar package, whilst researching reviews of hosting providers, reference to KH's outstanding value for money service popped up again and again so I'm sure I've arrived at the right doorstep..

Now time to learn how to lock it down with what security and back-up routines I need to implement, it's cold and wet here for the next month or so, no working outside on machines for me this time of year, time to make another coffee and catch up on some further learning...

Looking forward to my mrs getting back here in a couple of weeks to make us a nice feed of tom-yum-goong (King shrimp/prawns in a smoking hot burn your backside out soup).

All the best - V