Problems With Timthumb.php script


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I would like to preface this post by saying I've already sent a ticket for this issue and I'm just seeking a bit of clarification.

I have a two Wordpress blogs, one is a dev site and the other is live. I use the dev site to test plug-ins and themes before using them on my live site. My issue is with the timthumb.php script, which is bundled with many Wordpress themes. Its purpose is to generate thumbnail images. The problem is it doesn't work on my server. I exhausted all troubleshooting tips to no avail and finally sent a ticket last night, asking that that my two domains running Wordpress be whitelisted to use this script. (This was a suggestion I read on a tip list). The reply was since I am on a reseller account, mod_security, which is blocking the script, cannot be changed and I would have to upgrade to a VPS to have that custom setting.

While I kind of see the point there, it does bother me that I would have to resort to an expensive upgrade (which I can't afford) to run a single script that has become very commonplace. And if it is an issue of security, then why does my server have register_globals ON, which is a known security risk?

I'm not trying to be rude or argumentive, however, I've been at KH for three years and have always enjoyed wonderful service. I find this particular issue to be really frustrating and wonder if there is any way it can be worked out.