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Lourens Tredoux

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Good day

I hope someone can help me. I've been struggling for a few weeks now.

I recently transferred a domain from another hosting company to KnwonHost. The account is set up and (as far as I can see) everything should be in order, but when we tried to create email addresses nothing would work. It seems like the domain is still pointing to the old hosting company.

According to our domain registrar, the problem is that the new domain name isn't listed on our nameservers ( and So I went into WHM, went to "Edit DNS Zone", and it is listed there (see the attached images). Everything seems to be in order.

Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

Thank you

UPDATE: Here is the email that the domain registrar sent:

If the name servers for the domain keep on going back to the MWEB name servers it means that the domain is not listed on all the names servers you are wanting to use because when you change name servers ZACR formally known as runs checks to see that the domain is listed on all the name servers mentioned and if the domain is listed the nameservers will be changed.

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Could you give a screen shot of the Name Server and/or DNS records set on your registrar's Domain Control Panel?
Thank you for the reply!

Here you go:

You will see that the Nameservers section says and Whenever I change that to and (which is what it should be) it says that the changes were saved, but it reverts back a few seconds later. The domain registrar's support people say that it does that because "...the domain is not listed on all the names servers you are wanting to use...".

I'm looking forward to any help or advice you can give me!
I'm guessing... all your old NS IPs.

Either propagation is taking a long time (can take up to 48 hours) or your host names (NS1 and NS2) on are still set to and Call your registrar's support and just ask them exactly this "Please change my NS1 and NS2 hostnames on my domain to point to [Whatever your primary and secondary IPs with KH are]"
Hello Lourens,

You need to create your nameservers at your registrar before you can actually use them. I don't know who your registrar is so can't tell you the procedure for them but with Namecheap it's called Nameserver Registration.

You'll also want to make sure you have created A records for your new nameservers in WHM on your VPS. It's in Basic cPanel & WHM Setup at the very bottom of the list.
Thanks for the help guys. I'm afraid no joy yet.

It's been aqbout two weeks already, and I'm still struggling, so it isn't DNS propagation anymore, I think. I also contacted my domain registrar, but they said that they can't change the hostnames on NS1 and NS2 because apparently the domain isn't listed on my KnownHost name servers (or something like that), so whenever we change the nameservers at the domain registrar, it "saves successfully", but when we go back in it is changed back.

I have no "Nameserver Registration" or anything similar on my domain registrar's control panel. I only have what I indicated in my previous posts. Also, I went to Basic cPanel & WHM Setup in my VPS. Both of my nameservers are there, and they both have listed there. So I am at a complete loss. Any other advice or ideas?


You need to make sure that A records are created for your new nameservers. Just because they're listed there doesn't mean the A records were created. If you look in the list of DNS zones you can edit you should see them listed there if they were created.

All registrars should give you the ability to create nameservers. Who do you use?
Please correct me if I have misunderstood.

You want to use and as the nameservers for hosted on KH. (as shown in the WHM screenshot above)

At the moment, nameservers resolve to and and thus still goes to your old host. (as shown in the .za DNS manager screenshot above)

You need to go to the domain registrar (is it Enom?) and create / register the nameservers and with the 2 IP addresses given by KH ( and the other one). I guess domain is under your control, so have you done this?

Then go to the .za DNS manager for and change the nameservers to and and the IP addresses to and the other one given by KH.

I think that should work, but I hope someone else will correct the above if it is wrong.

I notice you said in your earlier post:
Also, I went to Basic cPanel & WHM Setup in my VPS. Both of my nameservers are there, and they both have listed there. So I am at a complete loss. Any other advice or ideas?

Please double check, and again someone please correct me. Shouldn't that be listed there and not I believe is the underlying host and is a hosted domain.
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Lourens Tredoux, maybe you need to give more details on your setup bcause I notice that is hosted elsewhere now and also and points to other IP addresses. So I am not sure whether you have other domains hosted using those nameserver already in which case you cannot just change the IPs or else those other domains will be affected too. Maybe with more details, others can help better.
Hi guys, I apologize for only replying now. I've been stuck without a decent internet connection for a few days.

It's all sorted now. It's hard to pinpoint what solved the problem, exactly; it was a combination of all of the advice that you guys shared, and I also used the steps found here. Among other things I found that MWEB had the domain in a suspended state, and I also had te request the registrar to register the name servers as phpAddict said in his first reply.

So thank you very much for all the help! You guys are awesome. :)