Problem Accessing WHM or cPanel Using Win 8.1 IE


Am in the process of setting up a new Win 8.1 computer. On my old WinXP I can access my WHM by simply going to, entering my User and Password in either Internet Explorer as well as Chrome. Ditto opening my cPanel by going to When I attempt to do the same exact access in my new Win8.1 computer in Internet Explorer It does not open either WHM or cPanel but rather takes me to a generic Yahoo page. Works fine in Chrome. What am I doing wrong ? ? ?
Thanks much for your response.
Nope! Not only did I try your suggestions, I also tried:

IP Number + :2086 and :2087 and also /whm
Tried: and :2087 and also /whm

Tried same for cPanel:
IP Number + :2082 and :2083 and also /cpanel and :2083 and also /cpanel

If attempted access done in Win 8.1 IE, all reverts directly to a generic yahoo page. Do the same in Chrome and I get the the correct and expected login page. Even did a support ticket to see what I might be doing wrong. Support person was baffled as I. Hoping someone here might have upgraded to Win 8.1 with IE and can see if it is me or a glitch in the new OS IE?
I don't have any Win 8 machines but my wife has one from work. I will give a try tonight and see what happens.