Proactive Monitoring Support ?


What is the current view of the directors of Knownhost about the possibility of offering Proactive Monitoring ? Some VPS hosts have this feature.

This would be a great benefit, for example, my VPS or a site experienced a downtime, and If I was away (on a long week vacation) and/or sleeping, the web services would likely have experienced a significant period of downtime if there's no proactive monitoring.
Hello Yagami,

cPanel itself currently does this for services and you'll receive email notification of the services failure and restart, or if there are issues, an email telling you of the services failure to start.

In WHM go to Service Configuration | Service Manager to see and/or configure what is monitored.

Of course if your VPS doesn't have cPanel then this post is pretty much useless to you, sorry.
Hi Dan,

Yes, I actually have that already configured. But what I am referring to is real 'proactive' monitoring. The notifications itself can do nothing if let's say I am away and have no access to the server, or even when I'm sleeping throughout the night.

It's not just notifications, the system actually restarts the services in addition to sending you notifications :)
I understand people wanting to have human proactive monitoring but it's sometime not feasible for a host to implement. I do know that KH proactively monitors the hardware node the VPS is hosted on 24/7.

Do you realize what it would take to do this taking into consideration the many different configurations each VPS/server is using? For example, I'm sure some VPS are without a control panel... Some don't use SQL services... Some are being used as dev servers... etc. Are KH to know each and every VPS configuration at any given time? I don't expect them to. I do know these type of configurations exists cause I have several setups just like these. I don't expect any host to know every server's configuration all the time.

Yeah I'd love for Samsung to proactively monitor my electronics and Maytag monitor my appliances but it's not gonna happen due to the increased labor cost and total redesign of old services or addition of new services. I take into consideration operating costs of my servers, electronics and appliances and act when they don't function correctly. Keep in mind implementing such monitoring services would also increase customer costs across the board.

In my opinion if you are going to purchase a VPS or dedicated server you should already assume you are going to do the 24/7 monitoring, hire someone to do it for you or at least setup your server monitoring services to send out notifications. This should already be included in "your" operating costs. That's just part of the biz you are getting into. If that's not something you can do then a reseller or shared account on someone else's server is going to your best option