presales questions



i'm looking @ the VPS M plan

can you please link me to an explanation of the purchasing options (i dont really understand what all the things i can add on are)

also, the prices on them, are they per month or a one-time fee?
for example if i increased disk space to 20gb it says $15, and cpanel is another $5. do i pay that up front and im good, or is that an additional $20 per month?

my old host was a shared server with cpanel, do i need cpanel on my new one for it all to work properly?

hosts for my old server let me download the site in two 1.7gb tarballs, if i upload them, will a technician help me get the files extracted, & the database installed (we're running vbulletin software)

is dns setup complicated? (meaning should i choose the option where you do the work, or is it straight forward and intuitive enough that i should be able to figure it out)

hmm, think thats about it, appreciate your time
i also just realized that i should make sure php is supported by default. meaning will i need to setup some crazy stuff to get it all working right? (like php, apache, mysql or w/e, b/c i dont have much faith in my ability to get something like that installed and working)

maybe i could, i found a guide for it :/

*crosses fingers*

if thats a stupid question, i apologize, im very ignorant about servers and figured it would be better to ask and look dumb then find out my assumption was wrong

All fee's on our website are monthly costs other then where it says annual. So for the VPS M with Cpanel it would be $27/mo. If you want extra disk space look below the VPS products found here The price is also monthly. Does this make sense now?

PHP comes by default with the installation of cPanel which we do for no type of fee. You can use PHP 4x or PHP 5x. Also, you have your own DNS so you can have custom nameservers, etc. It isn't complicated but if needed we can help. Sure, we can help extracting the files from a tarball. Just provide us with a detailed request.