pre-sales: VPS M plus extra RAM cost

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how much would it be, if I ordered the
VPS M plan for $20/mo. with cpanel

Minimum RAM: 256 MB
Burst RAM: 1 GB

my disk space and bandwidth requirements are very small, even smaller then that, but I have a VPS now with another company with 256mb minimum and I'm having to restart the server once a day seems like because of RAM issues with cpanel/WHM.. either mysql freezes, or webhost manager freezes, and I'd really hate to go down to 128 when I'm having enough trouble with 256, ya know?

thing that gets me about that, I don't run any scripts that a basic shared hosting account wouldn't run, in fact my wife kurlylox's shared plan takes up more space then my sites do, its just that I do alot of custom PHP programming and having root access really helps me, plus I enjoy it more

anyway, have you guys had any issues with cpanel running on 128mb min RAM? or could it just be my web hosting provider perhaps?

We do like to recommend Cpanel with VPS L or XL but we do have several VPS M's using Cpanel just fine. I wouldn't be able to speak for your provider but keep in mind there are things you can do with Virtuozzo in terms of configuration. If our customers had Cpanel crashing we would have stopped offering it as by looking at our prices we are very reasonably priced and focused on performance and support.

The package you requested we could definitely do. It would be a custom plan. I am assuming you want disk space and bandwidth lowered so that is factored in. Price below.

VPS M w/ Cpanel and special RAM upgrade

VPS M with less disk space/BW - $15
cPanel - $7
RAM upgrade - $12.50


Let us know. If you want to proceed we would need your information then we would send an invoice.

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