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    I'm interested in getting a reseller account from you. The thing is, I'd like to give your services a try first, for maybe a month or so, so I'll be getting a shared plan from you first. I'll also need KH to transfer my site for me.

    Should I decide I want to stay with KH, will you help transfer the rest of my accounts over from my old host? Or will there be an additional charge since this will be some time after my signing up?

    I assume when plans are upgraded, old users will be upgraded as well. But does KH also practice prize freezing?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You are welcome at any time to request for transfer, until or unless it is between similar Control Panels. (Shared/Reseller comes with Cpanel only)

    All packages come with Price Lock Guarantee
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    Go for it. These people here are great. I recommend them.:)
    I have found my home here.

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