Pre-Sale Question of Type to Get



I'm currently looking to get new server for a virtual pet site that will be opening within a month. We are expecting 100-200 users on at a given time. As with any virtual pet site there are many processes going on all the time and i was wondering what the best option in you opinion would be for us to use?

thanks for your time :)

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. It's tough to say exactly what you will need since with forums there are mod's, etc which can factor in to overall resource usage. Based on your expectations I would recommend the VPS XL to start. The nice thing is you can easily just add resources a la carte found here or you can upgrade the base VPS plan when and if it is needed. Both of these options involve absolutely no downtime at all so it works quite well for customers as they grow. To note there are no fee's for upgrading later as well. Any further questions please let us know.

Who said anything about forums Joel ;)

Ah.. I took it as 100-200 users online at the same on a forum. If it's a website still tough to say as not sure what scripts, etc the site would consist of. The VPS L is a nice package and works quite well for tons of our clients. Factoring in cost this would be a good starting point.

I agree with the XL suggestion as with that many users you want to make sure you have ample resources in case of spikes etc.