Pre Migration Questions


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Hello KnowHost,

Have some dumb question in migration process.

I am small reseller hosting account in Southeast Asia and datacenter is located nearby.
  1. What is your opinion to suit my needs related to data center location ? west coast, east coast or texas ?
  2. Does migration process including my WHM setup or all just cpanel account ? as my WHM only for reseller hosting and i only got ftp account per domain.
  3. I need to verify this one too eventhough it's on WHM domain, can i configure overselling in WHM ?
  4. Any migration services during weekend ? as i don't seen any live chat avalaible.
  5. I use my wife credit card are there any issue ? i don't encounter this issue with namesilo.
  6. Private name server setup, do you configure this in WHM only ? or both in WHM and domain registrar ?
  7. Does migration process including all email that stored in each of cpanel account ?
  8. How do you backup all of our data ? Full backup or full and incremental ? and how often ? what tecnologies that you used, disk or tape ?

Thank You for your prompt response.
I am just a customer, so bear that in mind.

KnownHost don't have full sales team on over weekend but sometimes they will respond anyway. Tech support is 24/7 which includes setting up new VPS and I'm pretty sure migrating over as well. I would recommend your first step is to change your TTL times on your existing domains to a low value so you can make the transition as smooth as possible. If you have WHM access on your current host you should be able to do that pretty easily.

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost :)

  1. West Coast. It will provide the lowest latency to Asia, especially eastern Asia.
  2. WHM will already be setup. When we migrate your cPanel accounts all you have to worry about is them.
  3. Sure
  4. These are handled by support, 24/7. Only sales/billing close for the weekends but as @adev pointed out we still try to keep an eye on things.
  5. There should be no issues with this.
  6. We'll take care of the WHM side and let you know what needs to be done at your registrar.
  7. Yes it does.
  8. You can read about our backups at
Let me know if you have any other questions.
Hello @adev,

Thank you for advice.

Hello @KH-Jonathan,

appreciate your prompt response.

Already registered with knowhost but still waiting my existing account availaible to do migrations.
Hello @KH-Jonathan ,

Sorry to bother you again in this weekend, hopefully you can helped as i am having some issue.

1. Registered with knownhost
2. Select service
3. Pay the bill
4. Invoice statement has been paid.
5. Not receive any detail information regarding my service -->> shall be this run automatically and detail IP and service will be emailed to me ?
6. Check in my my member account there are no service
7. Contact support questioning about my detail information and migrations
8. Assign my ticket to billing and billing availability only on office hour EST time but probably log in on weekend.

Does service will be automatically activated after all billing statement is ready ?
@Sendul sorry for the late reply. Did you manage to get everything straightened out?

If you got caught by our fraud detection system it may have ended in a situation like this. Services/orders are activated automatically within 5 minutes of payment.