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  1. rpoulton

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    Hi All,

    I signed up for a VPS today and so far all is going really really well, but I've got one issue. My work and uni firewalls block access to SSL on every port except 443 - so trying to get to the power panel on https://myip:4643/ doesn't work for me unless I'm at home.

    Is it possible to get the port changed? I'll be using ssl on my own IP address so using port 443 is out of the question - is there another way to login, eg using a KH url/IP with a standard port?


  2. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    You can try SSH port forwarding, but if your office is blocking these ports they probably have some reason for doing so and circumventing their security systems without their knowledge might not be the best idea.
  3. rpoulton

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    SSH port forwarding might be the way to go. The ports are blocked for security, not policy reasons - direct connections are permitted on some ports (eg ssh, ftp and a handful of VPN ports), http/https have to be proxied. It's just that the proxy doesn't like the idea of https connections on a non-standard port - I believe this is the default configuration for Squid, too.

    Thanks for the idea of ssh forwarding though!


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