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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nnyan, Apr 3, 2007.

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    I'm currently with a very well reguarded host who has provided excellent service and support. Unfortunately their hosting plans are fairly light on resources and I'm outgrowing the resources. Since I'm very small and host most sites for free (non-profits and such) I do need to get the most "bang for my buck".

    I thought I would give some feedback (for whatever its worth, I know KH has been successful with its current plans)

    After doing much research to get updated info on which hosts have a great rep I came up with a short list. I normally get accounts with the finalist and copy my sites over to them for a few months so I can get a good idea on my experience with the hosts.

    Knownhost definately made my short list but based on the bandwidth allocations on the accounts. I currently use about 45-55 GB of bandwidth a month and expect that to go to 70-90 when I add a few more customers in the next few months. Disk space is nice but I really don't end up using all that much of it.

    I know eventually it will make sense to move up to a VPS but thats not something I can justify atm. Anyways I'm currently evaluating ******** and *********** and I thought I would just give some feedback as to why I made my decision. Like I said, this is strickly just to give KH some feedback on a potential customer in case something like this is useful.
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    Sorry about posting the names.
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    Sorry Nnyan if i misread something but what was the "suggestion" in this thread?

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