Policy for auto-canceled former customers?




About a year ago I ordered service with your company, after a couple of months I ended up spending almost half the year in a hospital due to a medical emergency. Since I was unable to make a payment or fund the credit card, my account was auto-canceled and deleted, your company even automatically deleted the card on file with your company which really impressed me, in the past when I have had stuff happen beyond my control, other hosts would cancel services, delete the account, but leave the card active so I would be charged for service I no longer had with them. When the account was auto-canceled, your company deleted everything (including my account on this forum :) )

I am still trying to get my finances in order but I would really love to come back to you as I really did like your service. If I have to come back at regular prices that is fine also.

If I would be accepted back, is their a way to pay ahead so I can keep some extra credit on the account (if I put a card on file, can paypal still be used or is it one or the other?)

Some other companies won't allow me to come back and I would like to know your policy on this as stuff happens that is beyond our control a lot of the time.

Thank you,

Hello Lee,

First, it's good to hear you enjoyed being with us in the past. We take pride in the service we provide so it's good to see it is appreciated. Now to how we welcome customers back, we would handle these on a client by client basis since in most cases every situation is different. So for you, please email sales(at)knownhost.com so we can discuss your options.

Regarding deleting your Username on the forum, we don't delete Users so there must be some confusion with that. Worst case we would ban a user for abuse, spam, etc, etc. This happens daily too since spammers have so much fine being annoying... ;)