Plesk PowerPack


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I'm just curious.... What are the application bundled with the Plesk PowerPack? Does it include PosgreSQL server support and Dr. Web antivirus?
You can see all the applications on the website but below I listed them. Posgresql uses quite a bit of resources but it is supported with the Plesk Powerpack.

Spam Assassin, Application Vault, Postgres, Tomcat, Helpdesk, ColdFusion Support

Dr.Web we can offer for $10/mo but it is not part of the Powerpack.

Thanks, Joel. I'm very impressed on how fast you reply to this inquiries (less than 15 mins).

How big is the resources being consumed by Posgresql? Any recommendation on what minimum VPS plan a person should take before getting this option installed?
I would drop our support an email and ask them. That I would rather not assume on. Sorry.