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When getting a new SSD VPS and using Plesk, is it possible to have the new 12.x version of Plesk installed?

If not, can I buy the license myself and install it and then will it be supported just like any other Plesk install along with the components that it installs?

Finally, if KH installs Plesk as part of the server setup, can I specify which components I want installed?

When the server is deployed can I specify that CentOS Minimum is installed?
Thanks for your interest in our product lineup.

We are currently deploying all Plesk VPS's with Plesk 12.x so no need to purchase your own external license.

Since we are having to provision / install Plesk manually still, if you open a ticket after your VPS has been ordered and ask for it to be brought to the provisioning teams attention we can customize the install for you no problem.

In regards to CentOS Minimum, we use a base CentOS template on our deployment that includes the required minimums for installing Plesk, so while it's not a true CentOS minimum it's our own minimum version.

Let us know if you have any further questions and we will be glad to assist you!
Thanks, that's perfect. While that is being done, I noticed that a couple of your team appear to specialize in setting up optimal configurations for Xenforo systems. In beta my site has collect 40,000 posts in about 60 days and that with less that 100 active members so once I open the doors, I'm expecting (hoping) for there to be an influx of new members so it would be great if it could be pretty well tuned right out of the gate.

When getting it set up initially, is it better for me to install XF and load it with a set of data from my beta server first, or will there need to be some steps?

Either way, I'll end up dumping the database and data and doing a couple of test imports before going live, but given the time I've already lost because of the incompetent but reliable site team, I'd like to get the system up and running kind of quickly...
Sorry, guess I should have asked given that info, what should I put in the notes during the purchase that will be made right after I see your answer so that I can get the ball rolling with the minimum amount of bouncing back and forth between me and your tech team?
@BentDreams , I would say after you get the account setup and paid just send an email to or visit to submit a ticket with the additional requirements. You can mark it to me as I'll probably be the one installing Plesk for you this morning anyways.

Is there a particular reason you are looking at Plesk over cPanel? Plesk 12.x has definitely come a long way in the terms of what it can do and not breaking its self as often but cPanel still in my opinion is more configurable with more main stream optimizations that sites can take advantage of.
I like the user experience of Plesk better, plus they have support for both Percona and MariaDB as well as Nginx.

I'm planning to use Percona because my testing with MariaDB hasn't been very good from a MySQL compatibility perspective. One of the glaring ones being that MySQL Workbench doesn't work with MariaDB. Plus when trying to deploy XF to Maria I had a lot of issues with the initial install that I didn't see with Percona.

Nginx is pretty self explanatory, although based on all my research right now, I'm leaning towards the future for that one and just using PHP 5.6 with FastCGI.

The other issue is that I can't easily license cpanel for my test server that is in my house whereas Plesk is easy to install and license. It's also a lot lighterweight from a memory and processing footprint from what I've observed over the last month that I've been playing with them using an unmanaged VPS at another provider that had images I could use to bounce back and forth between the two.

I will say that I am open to suggestions if there is a compelling reason you think I should reconsider.

One other note is that I'm also planning to run a Dovecot server most likely using the Rainloop e-mail frontend vs Roundcube, but I haven't had time to install and test RainLoop yet.
@BentDreams it does sound like you've had a good bit of experience and testing with Plesk so that may make you more comfortable with it.

cPanel does support MariaDB now as an alternative to straight MySQL but not Percona as of yet. Our XF install is also sitting atop MariaDB but we run headless custom systems for most items since they are task specific.

Nginx is also an option but only in a reverse proxy sense with cPanel, the only full Apache replacement for cPanel right now is LSWS, which works quite well but does add licensing expenses there.

You are correct that Plesk is lighter weight than cPanel since cPanel tries to pack so much into the user experience and gui it does add a few pounds if you will.

I've never personally tried out Rainloop, would just be a matter of how well you can get it to integrate with the Plesk control panel. The downside of most panels , cPanel and Plesk is they tend to like to control fairly tightly the items they install, so if you modify them outside of their acceptable methods sometimes un-intended consequences do pop up.

At the end of the day it's going to be a personal preference thing. We do sell on magnitudes more cPanel than we do Plesk, a lot of that is in part to the random issues Plesk use to have with breaking its self, especially when upgrading between versions. 9x-10x and 10x to 11x generally caused quite a few headaches. I will say as well, that the back end tech support (that we receive) for cPanel is far superior than that we receive from Plesk. Assuming it's an issue we can't resolve (which is very rare) one takes about 1-4 hours for us to get reliable answers where as the latter I've seen take a week + with Plesk.

In the end however, go with what you are comfortable with, we support either solution and will keep you rocking along :)
Ok, well the backend support concern is definitely a significant issue to consider.

The bottomline that I need to focus on for frontend and basic support issues is the familiarity and knowledge that your teams have to quickly provide help with cPanel versus what is probably a much lower level of experience with Plesk from a support standpoint. Combine that with the responsive from the developers and that kind of seals the deal and I'll just have to deal with the cPanel clutter...

Thanks for the info
@BentDreams I do tend to agree with you that the backend support is very key. We've done some amazing things with cPanel servers, have a few clients split across several of our high end dedicated servers using load balancing just to keep up with their traffic.

If you are peeking at servers specifically, I would lean towards the SSD lineup for sure, it's amazing the difference a SSD Raid array can make on the amount of SQL queries you can process and not even notice :).

Thanks again for considering us as your hosting provider!
@BentDreams , on a good note, if you order a cPanel VPS it will be instantly provisioned. So between 5-9 minutes after you submit your payment you should receive your welcome email and the VPS be ready to go! :)
Ok, so then if I want to swap out any of the apps I'll just take care of that after the fact then.

I'm a pretty conservative guy who likes to plan for the worst case scenarios so I'm actually getting the SSD-4.

Will it be better for me to install and configure XF with a load of data and then let you have a look at optimizing it? Or do you want to get your hands on it before I do anything to it?
Most if not all of the optimization we will do is going to be with the actual server config so XF its self won't have to be touched much. @KH-Jonathan is our main guy here who's got a lot of XF experience but he's a bit tied up with all our new billing system upgrades but I'll point him to this thread and have him give you some pointers and outlook on the best setup.
Thanks. If he has notes on the things he does that he can send me that would be perfect. I'm not real experienced with the specific technologies that I'm dealing with right now, but I used to do support and consulting for server systems so I'm pretty good at figuring things out with some hints at what I should be looking for ;)
Hello @BentDreams did you finally purchased your VPS with Plesk?
I have also the idea of upgrading MySQL from version 5.5 to Percona
(I already did the upgrade from MySQL 5.1 to 5.5 with no problems on Plesk 12.5)