Please turn off the global spam filter on shared servers


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I am about to have to leave knownhost because even when I have my own cpanel spamassasin totally turned off the global spam filter for the shared servers is set so high that I lose way too many emails. Invoices, emails from clients, even my daughters school newsletter is marked as spam and rejected by the server. Is there any way you all could just turn this off and let users set their own thresholds? I really love the web hosting, but I can't stay if I can't trust that I will receive my important emails.

Users normally have a decent level of control over spam, but they shouldn't be fully rejected unless they are on the few RBLs that we use.

Do you have a ticket number to reference and I'll get one of our senior staff to take a look.

As an alternative, we also do provide options for Google workspace if emails are business critical which gives you a much broader range of control.
Sure, I submitted a ticket when I first noticed the problem (someone trying to send me an invoice). That ticket # was: KH202403SB84GC. The solution the rep gave of me whitelisting emails doesn't work since it is not my personal spamassassin blocking them, but the global server spamassasin (which looks like it might be set to 6 which is pretty low for a global filter).

Since then it has blocked a lot more emails as well. I have clients calling telling me they tried to email me and got the message "The mail server detected your message as spam and has prevented delivery.". I have tried to sign up for certain online services and I never receive the email confirmation links so I have to switch to using a gmail email to register, etc. I never had this issue with other hosts I used in the past.

I hope there can be a fix, I really don't want to have to use google or microsoft for emails... Thanks for the quick reply by the way, one of the reasons I DONT want to leave knownhost :).
It looks like the main issue was that the global spam filter was set to strict unintentionally, but the global spam score has now been raised to 10! Other than that it looks like the most recent blocked mail was because the sender IP was on an RBL, so that is no problem.

So hopefully this email issue has been resolved, thanks so much :)!