Please recommend me a new GFX Designer - I got conned


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Just a few days ago,I got a guy from to help me with this.I was impressed with his previous works and and out of trust,sincerity and to show him that i'm really interested in hiring his services,i settled the full payment immediately after less than 30 minutes on MSN discussing the details with him.Thereafter,from that day till now,he has not replied to any of my PMs,IMs,emails!!Worse thing is,this guy still had the cheek to on his MSN and log-in at!I thought of maybe opening a thread right there at on the other hand,who the hell over there,cares a hoot that you got conned!Probably will get some condolences posts or get flamed instead.:(

Ok,enough of this bad experience,sorry to make you read all this unrelated stuff...I figured i rather get someone who's with KH or anybody that can recommend a good and more importantly,trustable designer that is willing to take up this job.I'm looking for a graphics desinger to help me create around 20 forum icons and 2 banners around 400x92,270x92.That scum charged me usd$120 for it!Hope that this time round,the price is affordable for me as i couldnt really have much to spare after this incident.

Anyone please?:eek:

Admin dont mind i post this topic here.If its against posting rules,please let me know or delete it away,thank you.
I'm not a great graphic designer, so I can't help too much.

I would post over at to warn others. Don't make it sound like a pitty party for you, but rather as a warning to others. Especially if he logs on over there, you don't want others being conned by the same user.
Hi.Thanks to everyone who have read this thread or replied. A good kind soul here has offered to help me with the unfinished job.Thank you once again.