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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by bigben, Jul 1, 2014.


Would you like uptime monitoring?

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  1. bigben

    bigben New Member


    My site recently went down for 43 minutes because of "an issue outside of my container", presumably another customer on my node.

    Pingdom alerted me after 10 minutes of downtime, and I was able to submit a ticket after 17 minutes of downtime. The incident was closed after 43 minutes of downtime.

    If I hadn't submitted a ticket, it would have been down a very long time.

    I would like some sort of uptime monitoring, such as pingdom, where it can alert you instead of me.

    It just so happened that I was awake and able to respond to the message that pingdom sent me, so that I could forward it on to KH. If I was away from my phone and/or sleeping, the site would likely have experienced a significant period of downtime.

    If my site was down for a whole day it would cause significant losses.


    P.S. Support at KH said this isn't something that is currently offered -- thus why I'm suggesting it.

    I understand there are complexities to this -- what if I caused my own site to go down, etc. But there are ways around these problems -- such as # of minutes to wait before KH is notified.
  2. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    There are many, many complications with such a system most stemming from a scenario like you said where someone takes their own site down. Ping isn't a reliable way to monitor Apache, Apache isn't a reliable way to monitor the server itself, etc etc.'

    What I'm more concerned with here is that you were told someone else caused your issue. We haven't had any node issues today so I'd be very grateful if you can provide me with your ticket number so I can check for a miscommunication as that sounds like what's happened here.
  3. bigben

    bigben New Member

    Yes, there are issues with any solution. I see the upside worth working through the issues. The reason is that if my site is down for even a few hours it would cause a serious financial loss and a customer headache.

    Here's the ticket #: 453926. I was told, "It was an issue outside of your container". To me, that sounds like something with the server or another customer. In either case, proactive server monitoring would prevent a large problem.

    At the time of the issue, I was on vacation. Pingdom notified me of the problem, my phone notified me of the email, and luckily I was awake, had my phone on me, and had cellular service, so that I could get that critical email. I then had to login to KH to create a ticket.
  4. bigben

    bigben New Member

    What was the resolution of you looking into the ticket?

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